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Customer Testimonials

Here's what our customers are saying...

About our Soap for Teeth ... 
Laughing Cathy, it was great fun meeting you and Bob at the Cedarburg Strawberry Festival. Lois and I love the soap we purchased. I really like the Soap for Teeth, it makes my entire mouth feel great. Now Lois and our daughter are using it. Thanks - Lenard
Laughing I purchased some peppermint Soap for Teeth from you in Milwaukee during Thanksgiving weekend. I have faithfully used it twice a day and i really do like it. I think my teeth are whiter, my breath stays fresher longer, and the really big thing I notice is that my tongue has never been cleaner. Thanks! Renee (Belleville, WI)
Laughing Cathy, it was wonderful to meet you at the Covered Bridge. I am very happy that I decided to buy a bottle of your Soap for Teeth. It is wonderful! I have only been using it for about a week and I can see a huge difference in my teeth and gums already :) My teeth are definitely noticeably whiter and I love it! Great job - Candy
LaughingI bought your Soap for Teeth at the Cedarburg Farmer's Market and loved it! Thank you - Jana
LaughingI used the Soap for Teeth and fell in love with brushing my teeth. As you said, when i wake up in the morning it is good-bye morning scum on my teeth and hello squeaky clean fresh breath. This stuff is great! - Shell
Laughing Hello! My mother and i bought a bottle of Soap for Teeth at the Ebert's event and i must say it's definitely different in the best way possible! Your teeth feel so much cleaner after using it and in the morning they still feel clean! It's amazing! Thank you so much for your product! Our family is sure to be life long customers! - Brooke

About our Bar Soaps...

Smile  When I bought your soap at the home show I was skeptical, as was my husband. I wish I could be an ambassador now for how amazing your soap is! We now no longer use shave cream, we use your soap. It makes our skin feel fresh and gives us an even closer shave. We also use it for body. Another great feature of your soap is - put unused bars in a linen closet and your towels smell amazing. Thank you so much for introducing us to your soap. I have such sensitive skin and it is nice to not break out. Please let me know how I can promote you on Facebook or other means. John

Smile My husband bought some soap from you that was recommended by you to help get the skunk smell off our dog. The Anise really worked to neutralize the odor. We thank you very much for the recommendation. - Beth and Chuck

Smile I paid no attention to natural soaps until mass-produced body washes began drying out my skin too much. After nearly 6 months and 6 bars from other soap makers, I was finally introduced to you and your Scent-acular soaps. I've now found my favorite and buy multiple bars of your silky-smooth Masculine Musk at one time so I'm never caught without. Great soap, Cathy! -Kevin

Smile I just wanted to say 'thank you' for the quality soaps. I always appreciate handmade, quality, locally made products and your soaps fit all 3 "criteria" Thank you again! I'll be buying from you again! - T.R.

SmileI love your soaps - they are the best! - Marilyn

SmileI gave your soap a try and I feel better after using it than the soap I was buying in Door County. You've got me as a customer. - Denny

Smile It was great meeting you in Cedarburg and purchasing your 'shaving' soaps. I was so pleased that someone in the area is making quality shaving soaps, so I'll remain a customer. You have no idea how many small soap manufacturers/vendors I've asked about offering shaving soaps and heard "no". Your product is high quality. - Rick 


About our Doggy Shampoo...

Wink Love the Doggy Shampoo! We have a Yellow Lab and 2 Great Pyreness. The shampoo lathers well, rinses off easily, and makes them smell great!!! ... Including Dad who usually gets soaked doing all the bathing of the big, furry "kids"... We will definitely continue to buy this great product! - Sandi, Glenn, Buck, Glacier, & Polar too!!!